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Marine National Park
Marine National Park is in the Gulf Of Kutch in the Jamnagar District of Gujrat, it is established in 1980 spread over 270 Km from Okhla to Jodiya it is also the first marine park of India, there are so many island situated here Pirotan, Karubhar Narara etc.
The protected areas have great diversity of habitats mangroves, mudflats, creeks, sandy strand and rocky shores. there all are the varieties of habitats support multitude of fish, reptiles & other life forms.

About Marine National Park
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The Gulf of Kutch is situated on the west coast of India abounds in variety of marine wealth, sea grass, sandy areas mudflats & other habitats in the Gulf of Kutch supports it. This area has excellent coral reefs as none other in the country. The state is one of the richest & dense populated habitat lies between the land & sea, in this shelf 30 species of crabs 200 species of mollusks 3 species of endangered sea turtle, 3 species of sea snakes 94 species of water birds etc. The Habitats are exposed to wide variation in heat, cold light, darkness & water pressure.
Mangrove Forest

The coastal line in gulf is fringed with luxuriant growth of Mangrove it shows remarkable ability to live in saline & tide area the environmnet of mangrove marshes with high degree of dissolved offers pradise for marine creatures & colorful living corals. The mangroves adapted to loose wet soils & submergence in Saline water. The species of here grow above the surface of muddy marsh by prop roots growing which provides an excellent haven for water birds it also help in checing soil erosion & pollution into the sea.

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